Volume No.

July-September 2012

A review on: Nanosuspensions - An innovative acceptable approach in novel delivery system

Nagare S K, Ghurghure S M, Khade A B, Jadhav S G, Salunkhe S B

Solubility is an essential factor for drug effectiveness, independent of the route of administration. Poorly soluble drugs are often a challenging task for formulators in the industry. Conventional approaches for enhancement of solubility have limited applicability, especially when the drugs are poorly soluble simultaneously in aqueous and in non-aqueous media. Nanosuspension technology can be used to improve the stability as well as the bioavailability of poorly soluble drugs. Nano suspensions are biphasic systems consisting of pure drug particles dispersed in an aqueous vehicle, stabilized by surfactants. These are simple to prepare and are more advantageous than other approaches. Techniques such as wet milling, high pressure homogenization, emulsification-solvent evaporation and super critical fluid have been used in the preparation of nano suspensions. It has the advantage of delivery by various routes, including oral, parenteral, pulmonary and ocular routes.

Keywords: Nanosuspensions, Poorly Soluble Drug, Pulmonary, Parenteral.