Volume 12

January-March 2020​

Design, development and characterization of fast dissolving oral film of clonazepam

Govind G Nikam, Jameel Ahmed S Mulla

The present study proposed to prepare fast dissolving oral film containing clonazepam for the treatment of epilepsy. HPMC E15 and PEG 400 were used as film forming agent and plasticizer, respectively. Solvent casting method was used to prepare Clonazepam loaded fast dissolving oral films. The prepared films were characterized for weight variation, thickness, percent elongation, tensile strength, folding endurance, moisture content, content uniformity, surface pH and swelling index. The DSC and FTIR Spectra revealed that drug was compatible with the polymer. The prepared oral films were opaque in nature having good folding endurance. Shows the rapid release of drug in oral cavity. Drug release by diffusion (93.44 %) and by dissolution (98.32%) after 5 minute. All nine batches are rapid release of drug after film contact with saliva.

Keywords: Clonazepam, Epilepsy, Fast Dissolving Oral Film, Solvent Casting, HPMC E15.