Volume 16

January-March 2024

Enhancement in Flowability, Dissolution and Drug Release of Telmisartan through Spherical Crystallization​

Rajkumar M Khade, Sachinkumar V Patil, Omkar B. Tipugade

A novel particle manufacturing process called spherical agglomeration can satisfy the requirements for direct compression. Telmisartan is an anti-hypertensive medicament which exhibits poor water solubility as well as flow properties. Spherical agglomerate was prepared by spherical crystallization technique. Dimethyl formamide and Dimethyl Sulfoxide performs as a good solvent, water as anti-solvent for Telmisartan and Dichloromethane, Chloroform and Ethyl Acetate act as binding liquid for agglomeration process. Prepared agglomerate was subjected for micromeritics as well as mechanical properties. Improvement in dissolution behaviour observed in formulation batches as compared to pure Telmisartan. The significant improvement in micromeritics properties observed because of size enlargement and spherical shape it revealed that the change in the crystal habit. A crucial step in creating a Telmisartan spherical agglomeration and a workable strategy for changing the material’s characteristics for direct compression is determining the processing parameters.

Keywords: Telmisartan, Spherical Crystallization Technique, Flowability, Compressibility.