Volume 4

July-September 2012

Evaluation of safety and efficacy of stevia moisturiser gel by clinical trial

Kuntal Das, Raman Dang, Lalitha B R

The objective of the present comparative study was to evaluate the safety and efficacy of Stevia moisturiser gel for the period of single application over 21 days. Sixty subjects were included in this study. They were divided in two groups’ viz. group –I (control, without Stevia extract) and group-II (test, gel containing Stevia extract) and each groups contains thirty subjects. They were advised to apply once daily for a period of 21 days. All the subjects were followed up at weekly intervals for a period of 3 weeks. Response to moisturiser gel was evaluated on a scoring system and visual analogue scale. All the subjects were completed the study and significant results observed with respect to reduction in dark complexion, increased in skin softness, skin glow. Measurement of skin hydration after single application of Stevia gel during 3 weeks daily was significantly higher (P value <0.001, paired t-test) than the control skin. The gel is completely free from any reaction due to sun light. None of the volunteers experienced neither any hypersensitivity reactions nor in changes of skin pH and compliance to the use of formulation was potent. Finally, concluded that the Stevia gel could be suggested as a safe and beneficial moisturizer for human application.

Keywords: Complexion, Moisturiser Gel, Stevia Extract, Skin Softness, Skin Hydration, Skin pH.