Volume 14

October-December 2022

Floating Microspheres: A Novel Drug Delivery System

Omkar B Tipugade, Jameel Ahmed S Mulla‎

The motivation behind composing this audit on Floating microspheres is to gather the ongoing writing with unique spotlight on the essential system of buoyancy to accomplish gastric maintenance. Floating microsphere pledges to be a potential philosophy for gastric retention. The floating microspheres have been created trying to discharge the medication gradually into the GIT and keep up a compelling medication fixation in the serum for longer timeframe. From the system and technological factor of view, the floating drug delivery system is comparatively clean and logical approach. In this review, the current status of floating microspheres including hollow microspheres (micro balloons) and their characterization, advantages disadvantages, application, mechanism and method of preparation for gastric retention of drug are discussed. This review additionally summarizes the in vitro and in vivo studies to evaluate the overall performance and programs of floating microspheres.

Keywords: Floating Microspheres, Gastric Residence Time (GRT), Buoyancy.