Volume 2

July-September 2010

Formulation and evaluation of controlled release matrix tablet with solid dispersion granules of aceclofenac

D V Pawar, Md Sarfaraz, P Yerole

The goal of this study is to develop once daily controlled release matrix tablet of aceclofenac by applying solid dispersion technique for improving solubility. The matrix tablets of aceclofenac solid dispersion granules were prepared by direct compression method using selected hydrophilic polymers like hydroxylmethyl cellulose (HPMC) and Carbopol 934(CP). Preformulation and micromeritic studies were carried out. The matrix tablets were evaluated for their physicochemical properties, in vitro drug release and stability studies. Formulation containing 25% HPMC (F1) has complete release of 24 hrs as well as CP containing formulations showed concentration dependent rate of drug release. To achieve complete drug release, solid dispersion of aceclofenac was prepared using mannitol and dicalcium phosphate (DCP). Dissolution profile of matrix tablet containing solid dispersion with mannitol/ DCP has shown increase in the release rate compared to matrix tablets alone. Solid dispersion using mannitol was found effective with matrix tablets of CP as compared to matrix tablet of HPMC. From this study, it was clarified that solid dispersion granules was one of the promising controlled release system applying solid dispersion technique for the poorly water soluble drug.

Keywords: Matrix Tablet, Controlled Release, Aceclofenac, Hydrophilic Polymers, Direct Compression, In Vitro Release.