Volume 16

January-March 2024

Formulation and Evaluation of Herbal Lipstick of Beetroot Powder

Shivani N Mangulkar, Gajanan V Jadhav, Manaswi S Waghmare, Sakshi K Shivarkar, Shrushti S Masal, Rosalin M Alexander

In the recent times, lipsticks have been under the scanner of many health watchers’ lipsticks are often swallowed away by the users and hence it is imperative that health regulators have a microscopic look at the ingredients has go into the lipstick. The dyes that contribute to the color of the lipstick are dangerous to humans on consumption. Lipstick is generally accepted as an essential and leading make-up device available in variety of luster and texture. It is composed mainly of an oil-wax base, stiff enough to form a stick with a staining dye dissolved or dispersed in oil, and pigment suspended there in suitably performed and flavored, moulded and enclosed in a case. Lipstick imparts attractive color, glossy appearance to lips, accentuating good point and distinguishing the defects. It also prevents cracking of lips which lead to bacterial infection. It also provides emollient action on lips.  Due to various adverse effects of available synthetic preparations, the present study was performed to formulate about F1 to F6 formulations and evaluate all the six formulations of herbal lipstick, as herbals are less prone to side effects, and due to usage of natural ingredients various adverse effects of the available synthetic preparations. The present study was performed without side effects and can be extensively used by the women with satisfaction.

Keywords: Herbal Lipsticks, Herbs, Formulation, Evaluation.