Volume 3

July-September 2011

Formulation, development of mucoadhesive placebo buccal patches: Physical characterization

Ajeet , Rohit Chaudhary, Arvind Gupta, Santosh Kumar Ram

The purpose of present work was to design and evaluate mucoadhesive placebo buccal devices. These patches are composed of mixture of mucoadhesive polymer Methyle cellulose and water in combination with Polyvinylpyrollidone and glycerin. The patches were fabricated by solvent casting techniqu and were evaluated for its physical properties. The patches were evaluated for film weight uniformity, thickness, swelling index, surface pH, mucoadhesive time and folding endurance. A combination of Methyle cellulose with Polyvinylpyrollidone K30, glycerin with water as solvent gives promising results.

Keywords: Mucoadhesive, Placebo, Solvent Casting Technique, Methyle Cellulose, Water.