Volume 3

July-September 2011

New concept: Floating drug delivery system

Amit Jain

The purpose of writing this review on floating drug delivery systems (FDDS) was to compile the recent literature with special focus on the principal mechanism of floatation to achieve gastric retention. Several approaches are currently utilized in the prolongation of the GRT, including floating drug delivery systems (FDDS), also known as hydro dynamically balanced systems (HBS), swelling and expanding systems, polymeric bioadhesive systems, modified-shape systems, high-density systems, and other delayed gastric emptying devices. From the formulation and technological point of view, the floating drug delivery system is considerably easy and logical approach. An attempt has been made in this review article to introduce the readers to the current technological developments in floating drug delivery system.

Keywords: Floating Drug Delivery System, Single Unit, Multiple Unit, Gastric Retention Time.