Volume 12

January-March 2020

Resealed erythrocytes as drug carrier

Bhawana Sharma, Amul Mishra, Piush Sharma, Savita Rathore, Shiv Kumar Garg, Abhishek Dwivedi

Resealed erythrocytes hold vital position owing to their many advantages like biocompatibility, biodegradability, long circulating half-life and versatility of carrying different drugs with better entrapment efficiencies. By exploitation of various chemical and physical methods (hypotonic dilution, hypotonic hemolysis, electro-insertion, endocytosis, hypoosmotic lysis) the cells are broken and the drug is entrapped into the erythrocytes, finally they are resealed and the resultant carriers are then called “resealed erythrocytes”. These drug carriers are rapidly taken up from blood by macrophages of reticuloendothelial system present in liver, lung and spleen and are prepared by collecting blood sample from the organism &separating erythrocytes from plasma. Wide varieties of drugs like Antiinflammatory, steroidal and chemotherapeutic agents are seen to have reduced side effects upon incorporation into these carriers. The main objective of this review is to explore the source and isolation, drug loading technology, characterization, biomedical application and future aspects of resealed erythrocytes.

Keywords: Resealed Erythrocytes, Biocompatible, Carrier, Applications, RES.