Volume 16

January-March 2024

Smart Polymers for Smart Medicine: Unravelling the Role of Polymers in Drug Delivery

Pankaj Mhatre, Kedar Bavaskar, Rutuja Sawant, Ashish Jain

Over the last few decades, after much research, several interesting characteristics and potential uses for polymers have been discovered. The current review focuses on the role of polymers in the pharmaceutical dosage forms such as in tablets, controlled release dosage forms, polymeric nanoparticles, tissue engineering, gene delivery, ocular drug delivery and many other novel drug delivery systems. In various dosage forms and drug delivery systems, the use of polymer results in drug release that is sustained, extended, modified, controlled, and targeted. An overview of pharmaceutical polymers, covering their properties, classification, drug release mechanism, and applications in drug delivery systems, is presented in this article. The aim of this article is to provide a wide-angle prospect of the different uses of pharmaceutical polymers in pharmaceutical drug delivery. The several types of polymeric excipients are discussed, with special attention paid to how they work in oral delivery of drug. to completely exploit their various qualities and possible impact on medication delivery in an effort to create better pharmaceutical goods overall.

Keywords: Polymers, Controlled Drug Release, Pharmaceutical Excipient, Drug Delivery.