Volume 15

April-June 2023

An Overview: Emulgel as a Novel Topical Drug Delivery

Anuradha U Bhoi, Samruddhi D Pise, Udaykumar A Bhoi

Topical drug delivery refers to the administration of medications through cutaneous, vaginal, ophthalmic, and rectal channels to any part of the body. Drugs may be administered for systemic or local effects. It is possible to create topical preparations through different physicochemical characteristics like solid, semisolid and liquid. Emulgel is a topical remedy. Prepared using an emulsion as well as gel mixture. Emulgel is regarded as one of the most significant topical delivery systems since it contains both an emulsion and a gel release control system. Emulgels often don’t have any harmful side effects. This novel drug delivery system’s main goal is to use the skin to introduce hydrophobic medications into the bloodstream. Typically, emulsion is mixed with gel basis to create emulgel. In comparison to other topical drug delivery systems, it exhibits improved drug release due to the absence of insoluble excipients and excessive oily bases. Due to non-greasy due to the gel phase’s existence, this encourages good patient compliance. Studies on emulgel indicate that it will be possible to give more topical medications in the future due to its advantages over other methods.

Keywords: Emulgels, Topical Drug Delivery, Emulsion, Gel, Gelling Agent.