Volume 15

April-June 2023

An Overview: Promising Approach of Medicinal Plant as Antimicrobial Activity

Piyusha P Nejdar, Basavaraj S Hunagai, C Mallikarjuna Setty, Gaviraj E N, Chanabasappa V Nagathan

Prior to the invention of conventional antibiotics, medicinal plants were used to treat human illnesses. However, because they are affordable, accessible, and free of the side effects sometimes associated with conventional antibiotics, medicinal herbs continue to be used by people. From the perspectives of pharmacognosy and microbiology, reproducibility has become a problem when screening plants for antibacterial activity.  Although it’s normally not one component but a mixture of metabolites, the beneficial medical effects of plant materials are typically caused by the secondary products present in the plant. Some therapeutic plants have multiple functions, such as targeting microbial proteins and peptides, which are crucial for the creation of natural remedies.

Keywords: Antimicrobial, WHO, Medicinal Plants, Bioactive Compounds, Mechanism.