Volume 15

October-December 2023

Overview on Gold Nanoparticles

Kartiki I Dhere, Omkar B Tipugade, Gauri B Sutar, Sipora S Gaikwad, Shobhraj B Malavi

Due to their versatility and distinctive qualities, gold nanoparticles (AuNPs) have a variety of biomedical uses in the diagnosis and treatment of disease, including targeted chemotherapy and pharmaceutical drug delivery. Due to their simplicity in synthesis, stability, and functionalization, low toxicity, and simplicity in detection, gold nanoparticles (AuNPs) are a natural choice for biomedical applications. The synthesis of AuNPs has been carried out using a variety of chemical techniques over the past few decades, but more recently, emphasis has been drawn to more contemporary environmentally friendly green technologies. GNPs have drawn interest for a variety of uses, mostly in therapy and diagnosis. They are effective and a reliable biological platform due to their simplicity in synthesis and compatibility with different functionalizing ligands. GNPs have been widely employed as antiviral, antibacterial, and anticancer medicines because of their versatility in synthesis and functionalization. We present the advancing trends in the use of monodisperse AuNPs for diagnostic and therapeutic applications in this review, with an emphasis on the research successes and future potential in this area. All of the physiological processes in the human body can be conjugated using AuNPs. Given the complexity of cancer cells and the lack of proper dispersion of chemotherapeutics in the usual drug administration method, many nanomaterials tactics have been employed to boost tumour selectivity, therapeutic index, and anticancer activity. Recent research has shown that AuNPs are easily changed to enable direct drug delivery to the target region.

Keywords: Gold Nanoparticles, Nanomaterials, Chemotherapeutics, Tumor.