Volume 13

October-December 2021​

Physicochemical and biological properties of fixed and essential oils from seeds and leaves of ‎‎Peganum harmala

Guergour Hassina, Allouni Rima, Mahdeb Nadia, Bouzidi Abdelouahab


In this study, fixed and essential oils of seeds and leaves of Peganum harmala were screened for their physicochemical, phytochemical properties and antioxidant, antimicrobial activities. Leaves essential oil was extracted following hydrodistillation method, whereas seed fixed oil was isolated with hexane using Soxhlet apparatus. Furthermore, the reported organoleptic and physicochemical characterizations were in accordance with AFNOR norms. Moreover, the antioxidant activity was determined by DPPH free radical scavenging assay. Antibacterial effects were also estimated according to the agar well diffusion method. Besides, the determined quality indices generally meet the standards followed. A quantitative analysis of polyphenols and flavonoids was also performed. The IC50 values were 22.52 ±2.40 and 139±2.86 μg/ml, respectively, for leaves essential and seed fixed oils.  Concerning the antibacterial activity, good inhibition was observed against Escherichia coli and Pseudomonas aeruginosa. Therefore, the results indicate that Peganum harmala is a rich source of oils with important activities.

Keywords: Physicochemical Properties, Fixed Oil, Essential Oils, Biological Activities, Peganum harmala.